Thursday, August 31, 2006

Change of face

I was surprised when I read this. Rather shocked.

It sounds insane. Will you go for plastic surgery and change your face for a job which gives you 10% more?? Any why is this only applicable to girls, I wonder?


TGVR said...

This is a fact and we all know that it is a fact but we don't agree !!

Recently I read an article which talked about a research on successful people. The outcome of the research was "People who look good is very successful" ( that is not the only factor, but the ratio was for the good looking people ).

What I feel is that looks builds the self confidence and hence helps in the success of an individual ( this is for both men and women ).

Here the case might be they get a job 'coz they are good looking thanks to the men who hire them or they get job 'coz it boosts their self confidence !!

Whatever it may be good looking gals are not let down :-) feel sorry for u Rajni :-(

Rajni said...


I would appreciate it if you comment on the content and not "get personal".

If you do think I am not a "good looking gal", it means I am whatever I am today because of my merit and not my looks. Also I am happy I was hired by someone who does not think like you :)