Friday, September 01, 2006

Islam-inspired swim suit

Very practical I must say !!!

I wonder if these will feature in Vijay Mallaya's next year's swimsuit calendar :))


Anonymous said...


Knowing these Islamic fascists, they'll oppose this swimsuit too, unfortunately. They're taking Islam back to the 9th century.


Rajni said...


I am a firm beleiver of the fact that most of the traditions were founded on some good solid sensible base.

Unfortunately, they do not get "revised" to suit the present times. Hence many of the traditions are a misfit today, though lots still stand true.

The idea behind women not showing too much skin is also true still today :). Its just that Islam takes it a bit too strictly while other religions have allowed leeway in this.

Anonymous said...


Did you get to check the new hospital goens for Islamic women in Britain?

Jeez....they're taking political correctness to the extremes! Just a small question...why is that others have to ALWAYS accomodate the concerns of Muslims whereas the vice versa is never ever considered? Hmmm....

As to your point that traditions evolved due to some reasons is completely understandable. BUT, plz remember that religions have to evolve with changing mores, not remain frozen in the 9th century! Am I being bigoted for pointing that out?

karthikeyan said...

After collecting past5 years Calender collection , I'm telling you , VMallya is a tasty guy ;-) , he wont apt for this suit.

Venkat said...

Rajni : this is specific to ur comment :

Religion should not "revise", it's not a constitution which gets better with time and amendments..

Read this :

A lot of us confuse culture and religion.

Culture may need to revise..

very important to get the segreagation right...

Venkat said...

dai karthi,

tasty guy aa ?? yenada solre ?

Rajni said...


I do not think there can be a clear demarcation between religion and culture. Culture adopts from religion afterall. And some of the culture cannot be changed till the religious dictates are "revised".

And did not get your comment to Karthi's comment. For obvious reasons. Would appreciate if you could translate, if its not something too scandalous that is :))

Venkat said...

>>>>I do not think there can be a clear demarcation between religion and culture. Culture adopts from religion afterall.


A culture is something that can be attributed to human behaviurial patterns and having demographical influences.

An Indian culture is an amalgamation of Hindu, muslim and christian people lving together..

People in Karnataka have a culture, so do people in T.N etc..

Most of the problems in analysis stems from using religion and culture as synonyms..

While on the face of it, they appear alike.., they are different.

It's a gross mistake to use them interchanegably..

On the comment to Karthi,

he was saying Vijay Mallya's tasty, so was asking him whats going on..