Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shots...Bhojpuri ishtyle

And now presenting Bhojpuri Shot Glasses

Truly amazing :))


If you are visiting this blog via non-google search, chances are you are one of my friends and are checking for posts on this site.

I have been busy, really busy....and lazy too as always....hence no posts.

I guess am getting more and more into "slow blogging" (that sounds cooler than lazy :))

But I do intend to keep this blog alive. By sharing my experiences and thoughts as well as those of others who are close to me in life, my friends, family etc

I have asked one of my close friends to pen down his experience of Jagriti Yatra, for which he was one of the thought leaders and organisers.

Hope to have that entry here soon.

And other entries from you, on the things you would like to share.

So come forward and use this space to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions...

Looking forward to more posts. Till then Ciao.