Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness

Interesting take on happiness.

Following lines in particular caught my eye:
Unhappiness is the natural outcome of fine-tuning one's sensibilities to the awful truths about the world.

Does "Un-tuning" do the trick?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Introducing the apple of your eye...

This is a write-up prepared which a friend of mine prepared on his 2 year old son, when he was sent to his first day care. The idea was to acquaint the day care staff with the kid's habits and preferecnes.

Read on......you will definitely it interesting....(and hilarious if like me, you know the kid personally - :))


General habits

- Active kid, curious to touch things especially SWITCHES, put things in his mouth (especially BUTTONS - we often make him wear clothes with buttons on back instead of front, at home)
- Loves CAR and AUTO. (But we are careful NOT to give him toys which have PARTS WHICH ARE REMOVABLE-things he can PUT IN HIS MOUTH). Also, phones and remotes.
- Loves ball. Good at throwing, spinning and kicking gently.
- Loves cuddly stuffed toys. But he is not attached to any particular one as such.
- He is not toilet trained. Sometimes announces AFTER THE ACT.
- Day time sleeping approximately is 1 and ½ hr on average. Usually around lunch time. Can get sleepy at 12.30 p.m. Active engagement can keep him awake till lunch is finished most of the times.
- Affectionate. Very liberal with gestures such as TATA, BYE-BYE and KISSES (incl FLYING KISS) on cue.

Limited vocabulary-English/Hindi. (List not exhaustive)

Key words:
- Mum-mum: water
- Mama: Mother
- Papa: Father
- Baby: Himself (He does not call himself Arnav, though he responds to it, BUT NOT ALWAYS)
- Dudhu: Milk
- Chu-chu: Urine
- Potty: Bowels
- Hawa: Passing wind (!!).
- Fan: Fan (useful object for distraction)
- Bhu-bhu: Dog

Eating habits
- At home, he always eats on a HIGH CHAIR
- He is exposed to variety of fruits, vegetables and eggs on a daily basis. Eats many of the healthy foods eaten by the rest of family. Comfortable with natural flavourings and sprinkling of mild spices like pepper (and salt) with boiled egg.
- HAS NO STRONG DISLIKES for any food.
- A typical session requires patience. Only a VERY, VERY FIRM REFUSAL ACCOMPANIED BY CRYING AND RESISTANCE THROUGH LIMBS, signals that he does not want to eat for the moment. This could be due to fullness of stomach, disagreeable food or desire for toilet.
- We DO NOT feed UNHEALTHY and PROCESSED FOODS like potato chips, noodles, packaged juices or confectionaries like toffees and chocolates.

Quite well written, isnt it? You might want to save this away for later....:)

Friday, March 13, 2009

All or nothing

...is how certain things in life should be.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mahatma Gandhi and auction

This , I would say, is patriotic use of money.

Long live Vijay Mallaya :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Night time milk

Well, I know this is old piece of news (the article is dated 2004).

But I happened to stumble across this only today, while reading up some articles on the net on insomnia (its 1:50 am now :)).

Does anyone know if we get this in India? Would definitely want to see if this helps.....

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Et tu Wikipedia??

Saw "Manorama Six Feet Under" over the weekend. My second Abhay Deol movie in two days (Difficult to accept that Abhay Deol is from the same clan as Dharmendra, Sunny, Bobby. Anyway, am happy for whatever happened to Abhay for him to be different from the rest of the bunch !!!)

Anyway, getting back to the point, was mighty impressed with the movie so decided to check out some facts on the movie and especially the director.

Wikipedia threw me this . And when I clikced on the name of the direcor, this is what I got.

Double checked, didn't you? And so did I.

“Be suspicious of anything that works perfectly - it's probably because two errors are canceling each other out”
- Dave Bartley

So watch out from now on :)

101st Post...a new milestone

I have acheived a new milestone in blogging....my last post was the 100th one on my blog.

I started this blog way back in Dec 2005, and frankly, did not expect it to survive this long.

I am happy it did. Once in a while I go back to my earlier posts and really enjoy reading them. At times I wonder what exactly was I thinking of, when I wrote something, while some of my earlier posts leave me happy and even impressed :). Was it really me who wrote all that?

Hope to see more milestones going forward....