Friday, August 18, 2006

India and Ghana : Old ties

Continuing on the "Independence Day" note, there is one interesting and less know piece of information I came across some time back.
Not many of us know that the Republic of Ghana, which attained independence in the year 1957, had the roots and inspiration of its freedom struggle in the Indian struggle for freedom.

Ghana, like India, was a British colony. The people of Ghana, though not happy with the British rule, never had a desire to overthrow their rulers out of their country. They beleived that without the Brits, the country will not be able to run itself and will fall apart.

During World War II, soldiers from Ghana were sent to Burma to fight the war on behalf of the British Empire. It was in Burma that these soldiers met soldiers from India and formed a strong bonding with them. The Indian struggle for Independence was then at its peak. After the Nehru and Gandhi back home. The people in Ghana started to realise that for them too, independence from the British rule, was not an impossible dream. Slowly the rebellion against the British rule picked up in Ghana. Ghana, under the leadership of Kwame Nikrumah,finally became an independent nation in 1957.

India should be proud of playing such an inspirational role in the history of several nations independence struggle.

And last but not the least, can you guess where I heard this story? From a cab driver in Pittsbugh(who was a native of Ghana), who dropped me from the airport to the hotel :))

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the contributions of plenty of teachers from India who have taught in various African countries (some thing our Page 3 type mainstream media never bothers to point out) and the rugged, entrepreneurial ventures of (esp) Sindhi and Gujarati business people, who have gone to remote parts of Africa and set up shop there.

Teachers and entrepreneurs have been excellent ambassadors for India too, and have generated oodles of goodwill and respect in many African countries.

To top it off (and I can't believe I'm saying this) several people all over the world (incl Central Asia and various African countries) have entertained themselves on Bollywood films. Some favorites include "Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja aaja aaja..." and of course, "Mere paas ma hain.." all over the world!