Monday, July 30, 2007

News overkill

Some of the news trivia surrounding Dr Haneef's return to Bangalore as seen on one of the news channels on TV

There is an atmosphere of celebration in Dr Haneef's residence.

But of course !!!

Haneef's wife, Firdous Arshiya decked up to meet her husband.

Is this supposed to be of interest to the viewers??

Chicken biriyani has been prepared to welcome his return.

OMG !!! Gimme a break !!!!

Am sure this is not the end of things.....there definitely is more.

News reading has come a long way indeed...from the serious broadcasts of Doordarshan in black and white, to this over colorful and over public nature of events.

Wonder what's next ??
What should be the right balance


Vivek said...

Sooner or later we might become like the American Television with the host of Reality shows and the news channels flashing different color terror bands :)
Why blame the television when our very own Times of India is full of trash.
Though it gets me thinking if the news channels should cover a Prince fallen in a well(or whatever!) or the tens and hundreds being killed in Kashmir. NDTV though had featured a recent program about terrorism and whether people are actually wanting it which was a decent program unlike all crap dished out by CNN-IBN

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