Saturday, July 28, 2007

Music and more

I just finished watching "Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee" ...... and as always I was moved by the music in the movie.

The songs are beautiful.....penned by lyricists Kaifi Azmi, Qateel Shafai and Zameer Kazmi....directed by Anu Mallik.

Timeless tunes, I would say. The movie went unnoticed but the music was pretty successful when the movie was released in 1993. A classic example of one of those movies who go into history only because of the songs.

I enjoy music....but am not the types who keeps track of who directed the music of my favorite songs. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the songs of this particualr movie was directed by none other than Anu Mallik.

For the kind of songs Anu Mallik is coming up with in the past few years, and for all the "inspiration" he seems to draw from songs all over the world to give music to his own....maybe he does have some talent. Wish he would use his talent more and not just stick with "make what sells" kind of music.

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~A said...

Music is composed...for ppl like Anu Malik (prior 2000) the word "direct" makes sense...he just pics and remakes the same...and not compose anything ;-)