Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rajni Can :))

Last Friday...I saw "Sivaji" finally.

I had been planning to see this movie since it was released, out of sheer curiosity, after hearing and reading about the mania around its release.

Three of us went for the knew Tamil very well, one knew Tamil partly and me...I do not know Tamil at all :)

Fortunately, the story was easy enough to understand and follow, though of course I could not follow the dialogues. There were times I felt that the movie has been made to suit Rajnikant and not the other way round, which probably could be true.

On the whole I found the movie okay......the story that is. I loved the songs..... especially "Sahana...."(downloaded the songs the very next day). I liked the sets and the picturisation of the songs (Shreya looks very pretty).

I did not find Rajnikant very good till he reappears after his death with shaved head and beard (new style....never saw that before). I loved him after that. I think he was much more comfortable with that part of his role than the earlier one. I could finally relate to the mass hysteria surrounding him and his movies.

I have heard he has acted in some really good movies where his true acting talents have been tapped. Hopefully, would get to see some of these movies in future as well !!!

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