Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The power of the masses

If you remember, nine of the accused were left scot free in Jessica Lall murder case. The verdict was strongly opposed by the masses and the court was forced to reopen the case under public pressure. For all her socialite status and influential contacts, Bina Ramani has been issued a non-bailable warrant for cheating and forgery and has been sent to Tihar jail on a for 2 weeks, with no special previleges bestowed.

"Today she was admitted to Jail No 6, the women's jail. She is kept in the in the reception ward there. No special arrangement has been made for her accommodation"

This makes you believe that all is not lost in this world. And the voice of the common public does get a hearing, even if not everytime. So next time, do not hesitate to speak up !!!


Venkat said...

utopian, but right...

I think we should wait for the verdict of the case in totality before jumping the gun...

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure I completely agree with you...what about assuming innocence before being declared guilty in the court of law?

What I'm saying is if the masses had their way, then slavery would still exist and casteism would still be rampant. And, if by some quirk of fate, if Bina Ramani and others (incl Manu Sharma) were actually innocent, then aren't we declaring them guilty, simply by the weight of public opinion?

It is always dangerous to engage in mob mentality. What needs to prevail is a cool calm objective mind to see the facts and reach a conclusion.


Basu said...

How does lodging Bina Ramani in Tihar prove that all is not lost. IMHO it conveys precisely the opposite.

Despite the murder case being reopened, the accused are still roaming free and the authorities can't do anything better than throwing Bina Ramani into jail on some licence violation charge.