Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inappropriate content?

One more unsuccessful attempt to get Google AdSense on this blog.

The application was rejected again citing "Unacceptable Site Content" !!!

I have reviewed and re-reviewed my posts and frankly could not figure out what is so unacceptable here.

Is my post on "Sex and the city" is what AdSense considers unacceptable, just because it has the word "Sex" in it? Let me try to rename the above post and re-apply to AdSense. Maybe this time it will work.

And yes, any insights into how to get my application accepted, is most welcome :)


PreeOccupied said...

I tried getting AdSense too, I guess its still under "review".

Rajni said...

@Preeti - I keep getting rejected within 2- 3 days :(

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