Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Conversations - 1

...after the usual pleasantries are exchanged on chat...

He : How tall are you?

She : !!! Is that the first thing you want to know about me?

He : You see I am 6"2...height is very important to me.

She : I am 5"3...I believe I have mentioned that in my profile....

He : Ok. I asked because people lie often about such things in their profiles

She : Oh ok...they can easily lie on chat also :)

He : But chat is different

She : And how?

He : Looks like you are the kind of person who always likes to have the last say.

She : I try to question...

He : Life is not always black and white..

She : Agree

He : Do you like to dress up?

She : Depends...

He : I am looking for someone who can be a babe to me and a bahu to my family...

She : ....

He : Someone who can wear a sexy dress when she goes out with me but is willing to wear a saree on a festive occassion when my family wants

She : ....

He : You see I am looking for balance

She : !!!!

He : You see I have had a bad experience once, so I don't want to go through the same thing again

She : ....

He : I am very clear on what I want

She : Yes..I can see that

He : So what do you say?

She : Trying to understand your requirement. Let me work towards the kind of clarity you have..this definitely doesn't look workable

He : Are you saying no to me?

She : I thought I already did...


PreeOccupied said...

I'm lovin' it. Gimme MORE.

Whatta loser!

DUMP is the word!

samdarshi...Sam with equal vision said...

Wauw!! that was a nice crisp conversation but I wonder with regret that have we really become so materialistic that we treat fairere sex as commodity...Don't know.

Rajni said...

@Sam - All I can say that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The society has not really evolved much in this area.

samdarshi...Sam with equal vision said...

Ummm We only talk loud about this but everywhere its the same..I donot know how this mentality would change and I am also no exception though it comes unconsciously..Need to do RCA.

Rajni said...

Good luck with the RCA.

All changes start with one there is hope :)

samdarshi...Sam with equal vision said...

Well at personal level I would definitely start practicing it since I come from totally different school of thought..Hehehhe!! Between us.

Karan said...


This is a perfect recipe for entertainment and gossip.

5 stars!


Rajni said...

@Karan - This is true stuff !!!

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