Saturday, November 01, 2008

The weekend limbo

This is one of the weekends where I did not have enough to do, or so it seemed, till yesterday.

That meant there was plenty of time to laze around and do nothing important in life. The problem with a weekend like this is that you start feeling guilty about having nothing to do, and try to dig up things have not got done due to lack of time in the past.

I have been thinking about my long weekend to do list since yesterday and trying to decide what to pick up from those.

Today morning while I was still sleeping, I got two calls which even to my sleep drugged mind, brought a sense of relief. A friend called me up for lunch at her place and another one wanted to check with me if I would be game for a movie on Sunday evening. I already had plans to go running on Sunday morning. So just like that, my Sunday was suddenly packed with activities and now looks a little hectic for a Sunday. But I am not complaining, always game for anything fun :))

That also means now I can enjoy a really really lazy Sat without any feeling of guilt :)). Tomorrow is a busy day and I do deserve one day to chill out, don't I?

Let the limbo continue......

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