Sunday, November 02, 2008

Review of "Fashion"

Let me keep it short and sweet.

It is a ok kind of movie. I would give it 2.5 stars, maybe 3.

It was disappointing, because I had high expectations from a Madhur Bhandarkar movie. It's sad to see that he has failed to make anything even close to "Page 3". He is the Arthur Hailey of Bollywood, as his movies usually centre around an industry and introduces the audience to the inner and ugly details which is not so obvious to the outer world. Unfortunately, "Fashion" had nothing new to offer which we do not know about.

Priyanka is ok, not bad but had not really done any soul stirring scenes. Mugdha Godse is decent too, much better than I had expected. Thankfully, she does not give wooden expressions typical of most models who act for the first time.

The one and only saving grace of the movie is Kangana Ranaut. She rocks. She comes across as a natural in her role, as the show stopper model in the ramp walks in the movie. She shows loads of attitude typical of someone at the top in the modelling world. Also, the way she plays her addiction to drugs and her subsequent downfall in the industry is really admirable. She certainly takes away the cake with her brief but powerful appearances in the movie. Frankly, I never really thought of her much in the past, my perception of her has changed after the movie. With the right kind of non-stereotype roles, I think she can go places.

So if you like Kangana Ranaut, this movie is worth going to. You can give it a miss otherwise.

And with this, my wait for a good Hindi movie continues...


Vic said...

Have you seen Kidnap and Wednesday? I rarely get to watch hindi movies, but watched these two when my parents were here, and really liked the storyline/presentation.

Rajni said...

I saw Kidnap (incidentally during my US trip itself). Didnt like it at all :(

I have heard good reviews about Wednesday though. Will check it oit.