Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prepared for the unplanned?

In today's world, with time being a premium, we spend so much time on planning our lives so that we get more from each day, each hour, each minute.

Time management is one of the most sought after skills, and I doubt if anyone is ever really happy with their time management skills. There is always more to be done than you can plan for.

In all this mad rush to do more and be on top of everything else, life has its ways to remind you that there are things beyond our control and planning, and it often comes as an eye opener.

So just like that....out of nowhere...and for no rhyme or reason...I met with an accident.

Yesterday, on the way back from badminton, I hit a road divider. There is no explanation for why and how. The divider was a prominent one and not easy to miss in any way. It was a combination of me forgetting to turn on the headlights, bad lighting in that area and last but not the least, my carelessness. I sure was in some deep thought when this happened.

And the damages? My car needed to be towed away to the service centre and I ended up with a muscle sprain on my left rib cage and quite a few bruises on my body. I am yet to know how much I need to shell out for the car repair (thankfully its insured) but not having a car for a few days will definitely cause a lot of inconvenience. Added to it is the physical discomfort of wearing a adhesive bandage for the next two weeks to enable the torn muscle to heal.

And all this when I really need to be up and about...and very much mobile, with several last minute things pending before I can shift into my new house this weekend.

So much for planning your life :)

I got quite a bit of interesting advices from my friends and well wishers...right from keeping a driver to donating my car (on account of the accident frequency off late) to not thinking when I drive. As expected, quite a few of my male friends were more bothered about the state of my car than me !! :)

Anyway, they say every cloud has a silver lining....the silver lining here is some time off from work...though I wish the time off was under better circumstances.

At this point, am not really sure when I will get behind the wheel again, but when I do, I hope I am a better driver.

And as for managing my life better, should be more prepared for the unplanned :)

Amen !!


Anonymous said...

Ribs back in action?

- Anonymously C

Rajni said...

Yup :)

Anonymous said...

Good. Blog.

- Anonymously C

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