Saturday, February 27, 2010

More on Playground....

Some update on Playground.

There is a proper board which has been put outside, which confirms that it is indeed a playground...and not a piece of land temporarily cleared to build another high rise. It has put my mind to rest :)

There are karate classes in the evening, some days when I come home early before it gets dark, I can see really young kids in their white outfits with green and yellow belts practising their moves.

Car driving inside the playgorund has been stopped, there are big cement blocks put in front of the gate to prevent that.

And football has started too...since the ground does not have much grass, a game of football is usually accomapnied by lot of dust.

And yes, there are many more morning and evening walkers....

As for me, I still have not gone for a run there (neither to Cubbon Park) about the art of coming up with excuses !!! Will tomorrow be the day???

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