Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bucket List

For the past few days, I have been thinking of creating my Bucket List. Had some interesting discussion with my friends to find out the things which they would want to put in their bucket list (some of the wishes were hilarious and cannot be shared here).

There are some things which I know I definitely would want to do before I die. Have decided to restrict my list to only 10 items as of now (it could be the effect of the movies I have seen on this topic).

Here are a few of my bucket list items :
1. Driving a Formula 1 car
2. Writing a book
3. Having my own photography exhibition
4. Running a half marathon with sub 2 hour timing
5. Owning a beach house

Some look impossible, don't they? What the heck, if they are easily acheivable, then no fun.

There are five more to add....the thinking process is on.......


samdarshi...Sam with equal vision said...

Even I have my own bucket list before I bid adieu to this world.I strongly beleive that whatever you can imagine its possible...So nothing like impossible(die heart optimist).Its high time to start working on it and I have even started on the most important thing..Rest would follow I beleieve.

Rajni said...

Amen !!!