Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Rakhi and Reality

I absolutely HATE reality shows.

I have NEVER watched even a single episode of the likes of "Indian Idol" and "Big Boss". I do not mind feeling out of place when people around me get into excited discussions about these serials, who should win, who is overrated, who was unfairly dealt with etc.

Basically reality shows is too much of drama for me to swallow.

Seems like things are going to change this time, thanks to Rakhi Sawant.

I cannot wait for this show to start !!!!


Parul Kanse said...

that sounds great

samdarshi...Sam with equal vision said...

I have a different opinion..People from small town get a chance to prove their worth through this reality show like Indian Idol(Not Rakhi sawant and all those shit stuff)..In a way its good for people like me and you who represent the proletariat masses.(Small town)

Rajni said...

@Sam - As it happened, I did not watch this show either. Too much of drama and stupidity for me to swallow.

Also, I think there are better ways for people from small towns to prove their worth. I's rather worthless than prove my worth like this :)

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