Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feelings post Diwali

If there is something called as "post festival" depression, I have it now :((

This year, for a change, I did not have any plans for Diwali. I had decided to take it easy after my recent over hectic US trip and just chill at home.

As it happened, I got invited by a friend for a card party (teen patti), to which I went reluctantly because he would just not take a no. As it turned out, I not only had a fabulous time at his place but also ended up winning some money, which is a big big acheievement for a bad card player like me.

I think that did the trick and the festive bug finally hit me. Next day, that is Diwali day, I had to goto work. Inspite of several conversations with myself, I just could not make myself do that and finally called up my boss and took the day off. I was just too distracted to work. Once I was over the guilt of bunking office (which did not take much time), I did my bit of Diwali at home, with the usual cleaning, cooking, decorations, pooja etc.

The grand finale was a potluck dinner at another friend's house, where we got together and burst crackers and ate a lot of yummy food. Inspite of the all the cacophony created by the kids, we still managed to have a great time.

All this fun when I had not planned a thing !!!

Moral of the story - It pays to go with the flow and take things as they come :))

Today, after a 4 day weekend and the last 2 days of Diwali high, life seems very empty and meaningless, and the usual routine of life seems even more daunting :((

That is what festivals are for, to bring some welcome change in our otherwise routine lives.

Are we not lucky to be in India ?? :))

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