Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The new Basanti

Yuck !!!

How can they replace Hema Malini with Nisha Kothari???

Yet one more reason not to see the remake !!!


~A said...

>>> how can they replace Hema with Nisha?

By doing a bad replacement :)

Anyways, we hv gone thru one horribly done remake (Don)...lets wait for this one and see...Got to see Sholay before that!

Rajni said...


Venkat said...

Nisha Kothari looks hot..

to me it makes sense..:-)))))

Aniket said...

...its going to be great seeing Sholay with Nisha in it

Venkat said...

hey.., and she's not replacing Hema Malini, she's just playing her role in the current version.., it's not like HM as picked and replaced by NK..

Savur, Atul said...

i am more worried about dhanno. i would have thought amrita singh would have made a perfect replacement. i heard that basanti's faithful ride is being replaced by a rickshaw thanks to everybody's favorite animalitarian ms. gandhi.

also can you imagine sholay with the kids of the stars? i mean abhishek and bobby deol come to a ramgadh, and meet isha deol and whoever jaya badhuri's daughter is. i guess this was ruled out because it would be incestuous :)

javeed jaffery would have made a good surma bhopali though.