Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dhoni and the soap ad

You just cannot miss the Mysore Sandal Soap hoardings all over Bangalore featuring the newest cricket star M S Dhoni. Agreed that Dhoni is any eye-catcher...but puhleeez...how can he be signed for a soap ad? His skin is definitely not one of his best assets. His wavy streaked tresses are what he is known for, and talked about, especially in feminine circles. To make things worse, the photographer who shot the ad seems to have forgotten that the shoot was for a soap ad and not for a shampoo ad. His liking for Dhoni's hair, more than his skin..is clearly visible in the ad.

Seems one of the reasons for choosing Dhoni as the brand ambassador for this product was that his initials M S match the soap initals. I personally feel Yuvraj Singh would have been a better choice :))

Here is a sincere request to all the ad makers of the world. Next time, please put some thought before signing up your models. Else your ad is nothing but a mockery of your product as well as the model!!!

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Sriraj said...

Sincerity and advertising are like east and west -- the twain shall never meet :-)