Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My dream car

No better way to start my blog than to talk about my latest passion....Honda City !!! I am totally flipped over by the new Honda City model, and sigh everytime I see one on the road. Unfortunately that ends up in me sighing a bit too much since lots of people seem to share my passion !!!

I never knew before this that I could be so fascinated by a car...I think its the looks...the devilish look...which appeals to me....I know there are lots of people out there who do not like how the new Honda City looks....but for me, the looks holds the main attraction. I think its drop dead gorgeous. There are bigger and better cars in the market, but none has caught my fancy like this one has. Added to this, I have also got very good first hand reviews from a colleague who owns it, which justifies my choice. has all what you want to know about the car. It also has the price list and EMI calculator, the different colors in which the car is available (you can actually see all the shades) and the dealer locations.

The EMI of course made me realise again how very unaffordable it is for me...:((...Maybe that is what it will always dream car.....

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karthikeyan said...

Rajni , Have this as X-mas gift